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Book 2 | Williams Trilogy

Published 2015

"Ilolo, Uberi, Ioribaiwa, Nauro, Menari, Brigade Hill. Efogi. And Myola,Kagi. Yes, bloody Kagi." Angie turned to stare at Johnno, his eyes still closed, face white and sweating, jaw clenched. His mouth closed! Lips not moving! … "Templeton, Eora Creek, Alola, Isurava," the litany slowed, the voice softened. She heard the agony. "Isu-bloody-rava." A long pause, "and - oh Christ - Kokoda…"

On the 1st of July 1967 two events are set to occur. The first is a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of the sinking of the Japanese P.O.W ship Montevideo Maru, with the death of 1053 Australian prisoners. The second is Angelique Condor's 25th birthday Both events are to take place in the township of Kavieng, a couple of degrees south of the Equator, on an outer eastern island off the coast of New Guinea.

Angie Condor, adopted orphan from war-ravaged Europe and now an Australian photo-journalist, is sent on assignment to Kavieng to cover the Montevideo Maru ceremony. Full of the excitement and boundless enthusiasm that only youth can provide she accompanies an old warhorse correspondent, Johnno, into this ancient land. As they lumber out of the heat of Port Moresby on a tired DC3, Angie is gripped by memories and feelings that are not her own.

Through the swirling mists travels the ancient tribal lore that distils the essence of New Guinea tribal spirituality, the lore of Puri Puri. How can a blue eyed, blond girl from another land possibly have any connection to Puri Puri, an inherited gene found only amongst the tribal people of New Guinea? And who is Meri Melera, why is she protecting Angie? Why does the man Karl Frederiksen appear in her 'trances'?

Angie finds herself attracted to the ruggedly handsome Nick Williams, who leads her into a dangerous treasure hunt. Her old friend Giselle had stumbled across a map indicating a haul of Japanese ingots was left behind after World War 2 somewhere on the New Ireland west coast. Filled with curiosity and excited by the possible discovery of hidden treasure, the friends venture on Nick's sailing boat to the black, sulphur filled caves, stumbling across a dangerous Japanese Yakuza gang in the process of stealing the gold.

The pace builds as Mother Nature intervenes, and yet another party arrives looking for gold.

Will the love developing between Angie and Nick be enough to survive the temptation of the sensual Giselle, or the mysterious decades-long blood feud between the Williams and Frederiksen families? A story told in the first book of the series, Payback.

Puri Puri is an action adventure packed with hints of fact, making the fiction so much more compelling.


Payback by John Bell

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