Electric Power Quality

Electric Power Quality


In the present day deregulated power market electric power quality issues have become great concerns of utilities, end users and manufacturers. Worldwide researches are going on to address those issues. Electric Power Quality has evolved from the researches carried out by the authors.

The key features of the book can be highlighted as follows: the contents focuses, on one hand, different power quality issues, their sources and effects and different related standards, which are required for students, researchers and practising engineers and, on the other hand, measurement techniques for different power quality parameters, the content level is designed in such a way that the concepts of different power quality issues in modern power system are built up first, followed by some existing and new measurement methods. This content should attract the students, researchers and practising engineers, the predominant features are Lucid but concise description of the subject, detailed new measurement techniques and Electric Power Quality is intended for graduate, postgraduate and researchers as well as for professionals in the related fields.

At the end, a chapter has been added which deals with a concept of generation of harmonics in a power system and its components.

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