Learn Kotlin Programming : A comprehensive guide to OOP, functions, concurrency, and coroutines in Kotlin 1.3, 2nd Edition

Learn Kotlin Programming : A comprehensive guide to OOP, functions, concurrency, and coroutines in Kotlin 1.3, 2nd Edition


Delve into the world of Kotlin and learn to build powerful Android and web applications

Key Features

Learn the fundamentals of Kotlin to write high-quality code
Test and debug your applications with the different unit testing frameworks in Kotlin
Explore Kotlin's interesting features such as null safety, reflection, and annotations

Book DescriptionKotlin is a general-purpose programming language used for developing cross-platform applications. Complete with a comprehensive introduction and projects covering the full set of Kotlin programming features, this book will take you through the fundamentals of Kotlin and get you up to speed in no time.

Learn Kotlin Programming covers the installation, tools, and how to write basic programs in Kotlin. You'll learn how to implement object-oriented programming in Kotlin and easily reuse your program or parts of it. The book explains DSL construction, serialization, null safety aspects, and type parameterization to help you build robust apps. You'll learn how to destructure expressions and write your own. You'll then get to grips with building scalable apps by exploring advanced topics such as testing, concurrency, microservices, coroutines, and Kotlin DSL builders. Furthermore, you'll be introduced to the kotlinx.serialization framework, which is used to persist objects in JSON, Protobuf, and other formats.

By the end of this book, you'll be well versed with all the new features in Kotlin and will be able to build robust applications skillfully.

What you will learn

Explore the latest Kotlin features in order to write structured and readable object-oriented code
Get to grips with using lambdas and higher-order functions
Write unit tests and integrate Kotlin with Java code
Create real-world apps in Kotlin in the microservices style
Use Kotlin extensions with the Java collections library
Uncover destructuring expressions and find out how to write your own
Understand how Java-nullable code can be integrated with Kotlin features

Who this book is forIf you're a beginner or intermediate programmer who wants to learn Kotlin to build applications, this book is for you. You'll also find this book useful if you're a Java developer interested in switching to Kotlin.

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