Mastering Android Development with Kotlin

Mastering Android Development with Kotlin


Master Android development using a variety of Kotlin features

About This Book

* Leverage specific features of Kotlin to ease Android application development
* An illustrative guide that will help you write code based Kotlin language to build robust Android applications
* Filled with various practical examples build amazing Android project using Kotlin so you can easily apply your knowledge to real world scenarios

Who This Book Is For

The book is for developers who want to build amazing Android applications in an easy and effective way. Basic knowledge of Kotlin is assumed, but you do not need any familiarity with Android development.

What You Will Learn

* Understand the basics of Android development with Kotlin
* Get to know the key concepts in Android development
* See how to create modern mobile applications for the Android platform
* Adjust your application's look and feel
* Know how to persist and share application database
* Work with Services and other concurrency mechanisms
* Write effective tests
* Migrate an existing Java-based project to Kotlin

In Detail

Kotlin is a programming language intended to be a better Java, and it's designed to be usable and readable across large teams with different levels of knowledge. As a language, it helps developers build amazing Android applications in an easy and effective way.
This book begins by giving you a strong grasp of Kotlin's features in the context of Android development and its APIs. Moving on, you'll take steps toward building stunning applications for Android. The book will show you how to set up the environment, and the difficulty level will grow steadily with the applications covered in the upcoming chapters.
Later on, the book will introduce you to the Android Studio IDE, which plays an integral role in Android development. We'll use Kotlin's basic programming concepts such as functions, lambdas, properties, object-oriented code, safety aspects, type parameterization, testing, and concurrency, which will guide you through writing Kotlin code into production. We'll also show you how to integrate Kotlin into any existing Android project.

Style and approach

In this book, you'll master Android development using Kotlin through real application examples. We'll introduce you to basic Android concepts and offer guidance from the first steps to the final project. In each chapter, we'll develop one important application functionality as a development milestone. As we progress, you'll become more experienced in Android and our application will progress toward a real-world product. Finally, when we complete the application's development, we'll write proper tests to ensure it's production ready.

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