Taming the State in React : Your journey to master Redux and MobX

Taming the State in React : Your journey to master Redux and MobX


The book dives deeply into state management in React. You will learn everything about React's local state and state management with Redux and MobX. It comes with a lot of best practices, techniques and concepts. Along the way you will have practical hands on experiences by building own applications.The book turned out to exceed all my expectations. What started as an attempt to write a introductory book about state management in React with Redux, turned out into a full blown 250-page book which showcases MobX as alternative state management library, implements exciting applications along the way and has boilerplate projects to get you started in learning and building applications with these libraries.The bigger idea was to write a book which gives learners a consistent way to study the topic state management. I had the feeling that there exist way too many, partly inconsistent or outdated, tutorials around these topics and it is hard for learners to choose from so many opportunities. I thought, one well structured book should help newcomers to get started easily in the topic of state management with React's local state, Redux and MobX. Afterward, everyone should be on one well set level to build his/her own applications with Redux or MobX.The book teaches you how to use local state in React and scaling React applications with advanced practices, patterns and techniques. Afterward, the ebook dives into learning Redux and MobX as libraries for state management. These libraries are taught from scratch without React but in combination with React later on. However, all these learnings are not necessarily bound to React as view layer library. They can be applied in other view layer (component based) libraries, such as Vue.js, or single page application (SPA) frameworks, such as Angular.js, too. If you are new to React and want to learn React before, I recommend you to read the up to date book The Road to learn React.Due to Redux's popularity, the book teaches more about Redux than MobX. But it is planned to grow the MobX part too, because I am really into that library as well. For both state management libraries, Redux and MobX, you will learn to use them standalone, to connect them to React applications in multiple ways, and to apply best practices, patterns and tricks to scale them in larger applications. You will learn about using JavaScript ES6 to keep your state immutable, middleware in Redux, and flat and normalized state structures. Afterward, the terms actions, reducers, store(s), connected components and so on, will not be foreign subjects to you anymore.After reading the book, I believe you are ready to build your own applications in any (view layer) library or SPA framework of your choice with Redux or MobX. But when using React, you are setup with advanced knowledge about React's local state to use it in larger applications.

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