The Road to React : Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js

The Road to React : Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js


LAST UPDATE: 1. June 2020

If you are looking for a comprehensive and pragmatic yet concise and up-to-date React.js feat. Hooks book, the Road to React is for you

What you will learn.

In "The Road to React" you will learn about all the fundamentals of React.js with Hooks while building a full-blown React application step by step. While you create the React application, every chapter will introduce you to a new React key feature. However, there is more than only the fundamentals: The book dives into related topics (e.g. React with TypeScript, Testing, Performance Optimizations) and advanced feature implementations like client- and server-side searching. At the end of the book, you will have a fully working deployed React application.

Is it up to date?

Programming books are usually outdated soon after their release, but since this book is self- published, I can update it as needed whenever a new version of something related to this book gets released.

I am a beginner. Is this book for me?

Yes. The book starts from zero and takes you through the learning experience step by step. Every chapter builds up on the learnings from the previous chapter. In addition, at the end of every chapter, exercises fortify your lessons learned. If you got stuck in a chapter, you will always find a reference URL to the status quo of the actual code.

Core Concepts

Pragmatic: Master React while building a complete application step by step.Problems Solving: You need to experience a problem first before solving it.The Why: Readers like how the book answers the Why, not only the How.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of React

Hello ReactRequirementsSetting up a React ProjectMeet the React ComponentReact JSXLists in ReactMeet another React ComponentReact Component InstantiationReactDOMReact Component Definition (Advanced)Handler Function in JSXReact PropsReact StateCallback Handlers in JSXLifting State in ReactReact Controlled ComponentsProps Handling (Advanced)React Side-EffectsReact Custom Hooks (Advanced)React FragmentsReusable React ComponentReact Component CompositionImperative ReactInline Handler in JSXReact Asynchronous DataReact Conditional RenderingReact Advanced StateReact Impossible StatesData Fetching with ReactData Re-Fetching in ReactMemoized Handler in React (Advanced)Explicit Data Fetching with ReactThird-Party Libraries in ReactAsync/Await in React (Advanced)Forms in React

React's Legacy

React Class ComponentsReact Class Components: StateImperative React

Styling in React

CSS in ReactCSS Modules in ReactStyled Components in ReactSVGs in React

React Maintenance

Performance in React (Advanced)TypeScript in ReactUnit Testing to Integration TestingReact Project Structure

Real World React (Advanced)

SortingReverse SortRemember Last SearchesPaginated Fetch

Deploying a React Application

Build ProcessDeploy to Firebase

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