Entity Framework Core in Action

Entity Framework Core in Action


Reading and storing data is a core part of any application, and .NET developers want database access to be easy and intuitive. Entity framework Core is a .NET library designed to simplify data persistence, bridging the mismatch between the different structures of object-oriented code and relational databases.

Entity Framework Core in Action teaches developers how to add database functionality to .NET applications with EF Core.

Key features

* Clear Introduction

* Teaches from real-world applications

* Hands-on examples


This book assumes readers are familiar with .NET development and some understanding of what relational databases are. No experience with SQL needed.

About the technology

With EF Core, you can access data using abstract objects and properties without tightly coupling your code to the underlying relational database structure. And because it's part of Microsoft's open source .NET Core initiative, EF works on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and even mobile platforms via Microsoft's Xamarin.

Author biography

Jon Smith is a full-stack software developer and architect who focuses on

Microsoft's ASP.NET web applications using Entity Framework (EF) ORM on the server-side, with various front-end JavaScript libraries. Jon is especially interested in defining patterns and building libraries that improve the speed of development of ASP.NET web/database applications.

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