The Game Production Handbook

The Game Production Handbook


The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition gives producers, leads, and studio managers all the information they need in order to successfully develop a game from concept to release-ready gold master. Fully revised and updated to reflect the rapidly evolving game development landscape, the third edition of this definitive and best-selling text covers pre-production, production, testing, and code release, as well as more specific topics including voiceovers, mo-cap shoots, marketing, localizations, managing external contractors, writing documentation, and project management practices.

All-new material in the third edition includes new sections on mobile gaming and product management, an overview of useful production tools, and new interviews with industry professionals who offer an insider's view of successful game development as well as highly relevant real-world examples that contextualize the resources provided by the text. A detailed case study of a fictitious game project illustrates the production cycle, documentation, and other key production concepts. Accessible enough for beginners and comprehensive enough for experienced developers, The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition is an invaluable standalone text for students and professionals alike.

Prepare students to successfully enter the exciting world of game development with The Game Production Handbook, Third Edition.

New to the Third Edition:
-Offers new interviews with industry experts who discuss insider knowledge and real world examples of what works and what doesn't work in game development.
-Contains new sections on product management, audio as it relates to the production process, financing options, and the latest relevant production tools.

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