Agile Game Development with Scrum

Agile Game Development with Scrum


Deliver Better Games Faster, On Budget-And Make Game Development Fun Again!

Game development is in crisis-facing bloated budgets, impossible schedules, unmanageable complexity, and death march overtime. It's no wonder so many development studios are struggling to survive. Fortunately, there is a solution. Scrum and Agile methods are already revolutionizing development outside the game industry. Now, long-time game developer Clinton Keith shows exactly how to successfully apply these methods to the unique challenges of game development.

Keith has spent more than fifteen years developing games, seven of them with Scrum and agile methods. Drawing on this unparalleled expertise, he shows how teams can use Scrum to deliver games more efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively; craft games that offer more entertainment value; and make life more fulfilling for development teams at the same time.

You'll learn to form successful agile teams that incorporate programmers, producers, artists, testers, and designers-and promote effective collaboration within and beyond those teams, throughout the entire process. From long-range planning to progress tracking and continuous integration, Keith offers dozens of tips, tricks, and solutions-all based firmly in reality and hard-won experience.

Coverage includes

Understanding Scrum's goals, roles, and practices in the context of game development
Communicating and planning your game's vision, features, and progress
Using iterative techniques to put your game into a playable state every two to four weeks- even daily
Helping all team participants succeed in their roles
Restoring stability and predictability to the development process
Managing ambiguous requirements in a fluid marketplace
Scaling Scrum to large, geographically distributed development teams
Getting started: overcoming inertia and integrating Scrum into your studio's current processes

Increasingly, game developers and managers are recognizing that things can't go on the way they have in the past. Game development organizations need a far better way to work. Agile Game Development with Scrum gives them that-and brings the profitability, creativity, and fun back to game development.

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